Thursday, June 23, 2011

The View

Yesterday was spent along the banks of a lake in the Gallatin Range, a body of water immortalized within the pages of a John Gierach classic.

It was an unhurried summer day spent soaking up the summer sun, lazing in the shade of tall pines and futilely casting flies to big cutt-bows. Futile doesn't begin to describe the fishing, much the way big doesn't adequately convey the size of the trout.

There are days that require little more of fishermen than simply showing up, this wasn't one of them. There are days that require little more of trout than simply fueling a fisherman's dreams, this was one of them. Not a trout was touched, yet the fisherman was thankful for much.

A large cutthroat/rainbow trout hybrid provides a taunting glimpse.


  1. Always nice to get out on a summer day even if the fishing is crummy. That lake is tough!

  2. Tough for sure. I fished the lake for the first time last year, on nearly the same date. I had a case of beginner's luck and netted a 20"+ trout, and hooked another. This year, nada. We saw numerous fish pushing two feet, but couldn't interest them in the least.

  3. Not all was lost. You caught a spectacular image. Good stuff man!

  4. Still a little early for that lake I think...the fishing picks up a bit in the next month.

  5. Nice photo/post. I think you should leave the big'uns for me this year. I've been thinking about getting up there...

  6. Gary - I was lucky to get that image.

    Anon - Good to know, I'll have to try it again later in the summer. Of course by then the rivers will all be fishing well, and the lakes will be an afterthought.

    Josh - Well, good luck if you go. I might be able to be talked into going back... you'll need someone to photograph your big fish.