Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flyfisher's Guide to Arizona

I'm rarely self promoting, probably to a fault, but every once in a while a guy does something that he just has to share.

On the cover: A place near and dear to my heart, Bright Angel Creek.

Back in '05, when I was living in Arizona, I was contacted by a book publisher based out of Montana. He inquired as to whether I might be interested in authoring a guidebook devoted to Arizona fly fishing. Being something of a writer and a fly fisherman, I accepted the project. I had no idea what I'd gotten myself into. One-hundred thousand words later, in the spring of '08, the book hit shelves; it immediately became a NY Times best seller. Not really. But it did sell well enough that the supply from the first printing ran out in '11. I was pleased that the publisher decided to print a second edition, rather than put it out of print. The advent of a second edition enabled me to edit and update the manuscript, which was much needed following last year's catastrophic Wallow Fire, among other happenings.

Obviously I didn't write the book for myself, rather I wrote it for my fellow anglers. Budding youngsters needing a bit of direction. Seasoned pros looking for a fresh perspective. Out-of-state anglers who find themselves in Arizona on business or vacation. And, of course, for the ladies.

Page 79 is for the ladies.
And so without further ado, I introduce to you, Flyfisher's Guide to Arizona. The second edition is now available. Those of you who own the first edition, thank you, I sincerely hope that it has proven useful; the second edition should be even more so. The book retails for $30 in print, or $10 as an e-book through Amazon. The digital version is awesome... full color photos and a hyper-linked table of contents. Those of you without a Kindle can still utilize the e-book by downloading the free Kindle app for PC's, and iDevices. Reading rocks.



  1. Ha ha. Beware the pythons of Arizona! Seriously though, awesome book. Congrats.

    1. Thanks, Josh. Couldn't have done it without ya. While posting this, I got to thinking about how I now live just down the road from WAP, etc, etc, you know the story. And yeah, it's a bit of a gun show when I go fishing. I may have to bring that style back this summer.

  2. Congratulations on the second run, good stuff.