Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I spent last weekend in the bustling ski community of Big Sky, Montana - dragging my knuckles along the groomers, and enjoying every minute of it.

Sunday I got out for a couple of hours of fishing nearby, catching a few cuttbows that hardly lived up to the moniker of their chosen holding water - hog alley.

I also spent some time lugging my telephoto lens and tripod around, taking pictures of the resident herd of wintering bighorn sheep.

For those of you disappointed that this wasn't a Bighorn River report, my apologies, here's a recent photo to make amends.
JJ sticking it to 'em right out of the gate, just below the put-in at Three Mile


  1. You're one of those damn snowboarders?!? I hear you guys are finally getting some snow, about time.

  2. Some days it feels like I'm the only adult on the mountain with a snowboard. I suppose I should learn to ski. And yes, the snow has been flying... the Gallatin watershed is closing in on 80% of average.

  3. Love the DOF in the first photo.

  4. Thanks, it turned out pretty cool. I didn't do any blurring in PS. That is what a telephoto lens will do for you up close. I was probably only 30 feet from that sheep with a 300mm prime lens.