Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day at Rock Creek

Memorial Day 2013 on Rock Creek consisted of light crowds, beautiful weather, salmonflies, and great water conditions. Who would have known?

Weekend relaxation.
Rock Creek was in great shape at 1,100cfs and dropping.

Light crowds gave us our pick of campsites, this one was secluded and right on the water.
The big bugs were dripping off of streamside vegetation.
Despite the prolific numbers of salmonflies, golden stones were the ticket.


  1. I count 13 salmonflies in that little patch of grass. Awesome! Wish we had them where I live. Thanks for the report, keeps me dreaming of my next trip to MT.

    1. You're welcome, Mark, happy to keep the fire stoked. Every time I count them up I get a different number... I think I get 14, but maybe I'm counting one of them twice. It was pretty amazing, they were all over the place, and we got to see several naturals get crushed on the water.

  2. Replies
    1. No doubt about it, but it's pretty unique to have that combination for Memorial Day Weekend around these parts.