Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Wanderings

Despite the fact that I'm now working at one of the fly fishing industry's preeminent businesses, my days of being able to drop everything and go fishing on a random forty-five degree weekday afternoon in February are over - at least for the time being.

Over the past few years I came to enjoy winter fishing - the solitude, the scenery, and the often productive bite. I became accustomed to spending upwards of thirty days on the water from December through March. This year my winter wanderings have been limited to Saturdays and Sundays, both if I'm lucky - neither if the weather takes a turn for the worse or if other interests take priority.

None the less, I've been getting out a bit - I hope that you have too.

"The East" has been a staple for me this winter.
The upper Madison, and a shot at winter risers.
We covered some water - Reynolds to $3.

Love it or hate it, pink produces.
Some of those "other interests" I spoke of.


  1. Some great shots!! Anytime on the water is still time well spent!

    1. Absolutely, I'll take what I can get - and I appreciate my time on the water more than ever!

  2. Beautiful scenes. We now have a winter season here in Bluff Country. Perhaps I'll give it a try....:)

    1. Thanks. Good luck if you get out this winter, and enjoy the solitude that you're sure to have.