Friday, December 30, 2011

Solid State

I gave ice fishing another chance this week. My first experience with the lauded winter pastime was a couple of years ago on a sprawling expanse of wind scoured ice near Cody. Despite the productive fishing I vowed I would never do it again, it was an unecessarily brutal introduction. 

This past week I spent time with family in Billings. As talk of an ice fishing trip began heating up amongst the elders I tried to steer things in a different direction. A float on the Bighorn anyone? My persuasive efforts failed. Promises of an ice house, heater, and hot coffee were reassuring - as was the fact that my five year old nephew was stoked about the trip. If he could handle it, I figured I could too.

As it turns out, fishing through the ice can be an enjoyable experience after all. 

The morning sun greets an intrepid ice fisherman.

Punching one through.
The kids loved every minute of it.

Not a bad way to spend a beautiful winter day.

Waiting for the flag to fly.
Burbot: ugly, but tasty.


  1. long as you have the right gear. It looks like you're pretty well equipped. It's never been my cup of tea.

  2. The right gear is key. I don't own a lick of ice fishing equipment, I was dependent upon others during this trip. I don't think it will ever be my cup of tea either, but I probably won't turn down the next invite.

  3. I really need to catch a burbot, preferably on the fly.