Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking News

A broken fly rod is a buzzkill, especially when it happens on day two of a weeklong fishing trip. Such was the case for me on a recent trip to the Missouri River.

It was the rod pictured at left, a Redington RS4. This was my streamer rig and was regularly subjected to 200- and 300-grain sink tip fly lines and large streamers. Until this fateful day, it performed nicely over a couple years of steady use.

The best feature of this rod? The warranty. I shipped it to Bainbridge Island with a $30 check on 10/26, I had a replacement rod back on 11/3! That is remarkable service, the best I've come across in fact, and worthy of acknowledgment!


  1. Best additional service, you can buy a second tip section for a small fee when you send it back for repair. Saves a trip in some cases.

  2. A fisherman who doesn't break a rod now and then.... Dont do much...
    broken bones sound bad when they break but they all heal.

  3. Will, My 8'6" 3wt RS4 broke on day 3 of buying it brand new. I sent them a b!Tch letter along with the broken rod & required $30.00 check, and they mailed me back the repaired rod, as well as an additional tip. At 1st I was pretty PO'd until I received the repaired rod with the extra tip. The sad thing is the following week, I snapped the tip of my 7'6" 4wt Redington CPS taking it out of its tube. I mailed them the CPS as well as a b!tch letter w/out a $30.00 check, and they repaired/replaced the tip of the CPS @ no cost.
    All & all, good public relations.....DRYFLYGUY