Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Focus

For better or worse, it seems that good photographs are a dime a dozen these days. Digital cameras have leveled the playing field to a large degree. For a number of reasons, I miss the old days of transparencies, lightboxes and loupes. In fact I never parted with my trusty old N90s, and I still have a stash of Velvia 100 tucked away in the freezer for days when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate and utilize the many benefits of digital photography - one of which is the ease of sharing and transmitting images. I recently updated my photo website with about one hundred images from the past few months...the vast majority of the photos are fly fishing related. If you have some time to kill, take a gander - with any luck they'll provide you with some angling inspiration.

If you feel that any of my photos are worth more than a dime a dozen, I'm offering signed and matted prints upon request.


  1. Will, those are some great images. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing.

  2. Will, Your photography is amazing - a talent for sure!

  3. Enjoyed the photos and yours in the latest issue of MSJ as well.....