Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yin and Yang

The snowpack - it is what it is. And what it is, is good in Montana and dismal in Arizona. La Nina is in full effect this year.

I'm looking forward to lots of fishing in both states this summer. Water conditions are looking good - maybe too good - for a planned float of the S. Fork Flathead River in July, but less so for a tour of the White Mountains in June.

It is snowing in the Gallatin Valley as I type this...I wish I could send some of it south.


  1. BIG STORM HEADED TO AZ this WEEKEND, we need it! You're right, La Nina is for real this year...

  2. Will, it looks as if the Flagstaff area and Mogollon Rim could get 10-14" of snow over the weekend, much needed as Craig and Richelle said above...


  3. I still have hope for a decent year- we're getting some good precip. in AZ right now, and they say there is a fair chance for more next week. However, this may give me an excuse to travel a little farther north this year.

  4. Yes, indeed. It's good to see that some moisture hit AZ this weekend. It sounds like Flagstaff, and north-central AZ in general, received a good amount of snow. I see that the Verde basin snowpack improved substantially from this storm. Based on the snowtel data, it appears that the White Mountains didn't fare as well, but every bit helps.