Friday, February 4, 2011

Slow & Low

It's not always pretty, or pleasant, but despite the winter freeze there's still some fly fishing being done in these parts.

Pinks and oranges...the rounder (or more worm-like) the better. Midges if you're lucky. Lead, indicators and open loops. Whitefish for the smoker. Botched forecasts, iced guides and peeling fingertips.


And, believe it or not, some pretty good trout fishing.

The lower Gallatin River on a frosty morning.

A productive arsenal of winter "flies".

Wylie showing us how it's done on the East.

Nothing like a little burning driftwood to warm the bones.

The payoff.


  1. That is the tempo...slow and low. Have had winters where my fingers never quit peeling and not sure I've got 100% feeling in them to this day. Winter fishing is some of my favorite.

  2. Great pic of Wylie. Look at all those San Juans...

  3. Will, Im pretty interested in the double and tripple egg clusters you have there,, are those otter eggs on a streamer hook?
    Good pics man! and the orange scuds... well lets just say they make me Horn-ish....

  4. Dave - Word.

    S&D - Wylie's a photogenic son of a gun. Yeah, my SJ fetish tends to manifest itself at this time of year...I'm still looking to add a few colors to my collection.

    Big - You got it. I'm not sure that they're any more effective than a single egg, but they work.

  5. I like how you put flies in quotes.