Friday, December 3, 2010

DHM - A Rising Star

The Diamond Hair Minnow. (Photo:
Everyone likes an underdog, and just such a story has emerged from my streamer box in 2010. Take a glimpse into my overstuffed Cliff's Bugger Barn and you'll find perennial standouts, streamers that any trout fisherman can readily identify: Zonkers, Muddlers, Bow River Buggers, Zoo Cougars, Sex Dungeons, Clousers, JJs, etc. And then there is my collection of Diamond Hair Minnows, an overshadowed, unheralded and little known streamer that has worked its way into my starting line up.

This sleek little baitfish pattern is one that I was introduced to years ago, when I was living in Arizona. The pattern was developed by John Rohmer, a fly fishing legend of the Grand Canyon State. John not only developed the pattern, but also the Diamond Hair material itself, which he sells through his tying materials business at - check it out.

A 24" brown that recently fell for a DHM.
It took me years to appreciate the pattern. I'd long kept a few DHMs stashed in my fly box, but I rarely gave the fly enough playing time to rack up any meaningful stats. That all changed one day late in the '09 season. Down big with little time remaining, I pulled my starters and called upon the DHM. It was a desperation move, but it worked - the result was a solid 23" brown. Since that day the DHM has been one of my go to streamers, and it hasn't disappointed. It's at its best as a finisher. I almost always trail it behind a larger streamer, where it gets eaten instead of the lead fly at least 2/3rds of the time.

The DHM has been compiling trophies - within the past year it has accounted for browns measuring 21.5", 23" and 24". No other single streamer pattern has racked up those kind of stats for me over a similar time span. Put the DHM in your rotation, I'm sure it'll produce for you as well.


  1. What size hook is that? I like the look of it a lot.

  2. Pete,
    I typically fish it in a size 2, but it's often tied larger. The recipe calls for a Gamakatsu SC15...the streamer was initially developed for saltwater.

  3. I'm going to have to buy some of that Diamond Hair.

  4. Will,
    That is a beautiful Brown, nice job! I have never used DHMs, I might have to tie some up and give them a shot sometime...

  5. That's a great fish! I'm going to have to give that fly a try!